Smooth communication outside your team
Work with people outside your company has never been easier
Get more done with Takle
Personal and work
communications are separated

Chats are clean and well organized
Deals are closed
Easy to get started
Fast registration
Simple invitation
No software installation required
Log in with your Google account or email to get started

Invite your partner right from Takle with one simple link
Work directly from the browser
Convenient and fast communication
Bring communication into channels, where you can work with outside organizations quickly and collaboratively
Strengthen client relationships in channels to provide top-tier enterprise support and drastically decrease response times
Send messages and share files in real time to build collective insights along the way
Connect securely
with outside organisations
Keep your work secure with Takle’s enterprise-grade security features and compliance standards
Gain secure access to collaborate confidently with partner organizations
Reduce your team’s exposure to email phishing and spam attacks that come with email

Get started in three simple steps
Click the + button next to Workspace in your sidebar. Name the Workspace, and click Create.

Invite your partner right from Takle. You can also copy and share the link provided.
After they click on the link, they’ll be taken to Takle to accept and set up the channel on their end.
Create the workspace
Send the invite
Wait for your partner
Built for roles of all types
Business Development
Work quickly with partners on joint initiatives
Structurize communication with vendors and suppliers
Work faster with agency partners & freelancers
Close deals with prospects faster
Customer Success
Build stronger customer relationships
Resolve customer issues efficiently
What our Clients Say
  • Liam
    Great tool. Everything is simple and convenient as in Slack.
  • Olivia
    Super useful when you work a lot with people outside your company.
  • Ethan
    Thank you! Now I can separate work communication from family communication.
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